i think i have …

i think i have found out the recipe for the greatest computer product to be designed and marketed so that it is financially possible to make money while keeping the product’s class as extraordinary……

i could insert a picture of any computer from on-line or my own laptop , but , this could not be done how much i tried because not only it was against my will but also no laptop/computer till date has matched my standard…….( especially laptop ).

i might have even put the recipe online but then who would give up his idea for free on net so that someone rich can steal the idea, apply it and become more rich…

i am not saying that money is everything , but , money is an essential part of our lives . this is due to the fact that “long gone are the days when human used live in harmony and peace without worrying of others wealth and knowledge…

the era of jealousy , show-off , wealth , pride , showmanship et cetera ( i hope you catch my drift) is there…

i am not much of a writer , innovator , speaker. but what i am is a thinker. even though i don’t go gaga over my thinking fields and thinking areas but the time has come when the taciturn like me should become cogent and raise the hope of people with a can-do spirit and change the world with me…… although i am a teen in a geek world but i ain’t no fool and my time is approaching.

signing out,



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