well its like i just got a booth jhulikiya ( world’s hottest chilli ) in my monotonous life….

the girl i liked just asked me if i liked her on facebook chat and my heart instantly went boom boom……. this is not what i anticipated…. its like a hydrogen bomb in silent antarctica….. enough to throw penguins away.. now searchin on net what to do now…..       any help will be helpful….

this is me here . full name is Anshuman Ghildiyal..

as u will be able to see in my about that i am going to open a company… i will be the greatest entrepreneur in the human history and the day will come when everyone who will be interested in biz , gadgets , computers , general knowledge , cars etc will know my name and spell it correctly ( as people generally do the mistake ).  i will keep up my promise.

before i proceed , i must tell my ideals:-

1.  Mr.Bill Gates as a businessmen

2. Mr. late Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur and innovater

3.Uzumaki Naruto ( from the comic ) as a person who never gives up..

so this is me signing out and updating u on my life……..


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